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Utilifeed welcomes Härnösand Energi & Miljö as a new customer!

Briefly about Härnösand Energi & Miljö AB

Härnösand Energi & Miljö AB is a municipally owned company with approximately 140 employees. The business includes all utilities such as Electricity, Recycling, VA, Electricity Sales, Wind Power, Biogas and last but not least District Heating. Our district heating network covers almost the entire city of Härnösand with approximately 2050 connection points. The annual heat production amounts to approximately 210 GWh with an annual electricity production in our cogeneration plant of approximately 35 GWh.

We had the pleasure of asking some questions to HEMAB's Håkan Bergman, Energy Strategist specializing in district heating:

What challenges are you facing that made you choose to start working with us at Utilifeed?

District heating was introduced in Härnösand in 1975 and from the beginning only larger properties were connected. At the end of the 90s, new connections of single-family houses gained momentum and district heating was introduced in many housing estates. This means that in Härnösand we have many old customer centers with deteriorated cooling and probably also the occasional oversized control valve. This means that by finding and fixing these, we have a good chance of lowering our return temperature in the network.

Why did you choose us at Utilifeed as a supplier?

After evaluating various alternatives, the choice fell on Utilifeed. The platform has an interface and functionality that saves us many hours of work in obtaining and processing data and gives us completely new conditions in the work of optimizing our district heating network. I see ahead of us that we will get a completely different overview and knowledge of our district heating network.


We at Utilifeed are very happy that Härnösand Energi & Miljö AB has chosen to cooperate with us and look forward to setting joint momentum towards the energy system of the future together!
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