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Production Optimization

In the dynamic world of energy management, precision and efficiency are the keystones of success. Utilifeed Optimization combines state-of-the-art machine learning with comprehensive mathematical optimization models to deliver unparalleled forecasting accuracy and cost-effective operational plans. Whether navigating the intricacies of volatile electricity prices or unlocking the untapped potential of property flexibility, Utilifeed stands at the forefront of energy innovation.

Contact us to discover how our solution is redefining energy optimization for cities and municipalities across Europe. Welcome to the future of energy management.
Consumption-Based Load Forecasts
EnergyPredict, our cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, models each customer's consumption patterns individually along with total demand to ensure that the production optimizer bases its calculations and operational plans on the most likely demand in the coming hours and 24 hours.
Powerful optimization engine
Our powerful optimization engine together with efficient mathematical models of all components in your district heating system provide hard-to-beat calculation times even for large and advanced systems.
Electricity Price Forecasts
Comprehensive forecasts including spot prices for the relevant electricity areas.
Integrated Demand Flexibility
The optimization is prepared to be able to communicate with properties in order to optimally use these as virtual storages in production planning.
User-Friendly Interface
The production optimization is as user-friendly as the rest of Utilifeed's platform, which is built with the most modern technology for web applications and with user flows that you will recognize from easy-to-use consumer applications.

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