Utilifeed's Electricity project helps electricity grid companies become even better!

AI 2 Power Grid - Background:
In collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and our participating electricity network companies (project partners), we at Utilifeed will develop functions that will help electricity grid companies in Sweden become even better in our areas of expertise. We have already helped many district heating companies to start the journey towards the vision of becoming the world's most resource-efficient district heating company. Now we are broadening our already established services and enabling the same savings potential and accuracy also for electricity grid companies in Sweden.

Participating electricity grid companies

Kraftringen (Lund and surroundings)
Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö AB Elnät
Falu Energi och Vatten
Övik Energi
In total, we are looking for 5-7 swedish electricity grid companies in our pilot project. Book a meeting to get more information about how exactly you can book your place in the project and take part in the benefit that we create.
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Head of Business Development & Partnership
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Amrish Kubavat

Goal of the project

To commercially develop and verify functions that we have already developed with great success for district heating, together with our project partners.

Utilifeed will develop a number of functions that will help you become more digitized, get more accurate forecasts and simplify your working methods. All this is made possible by using your already collected measurement data in a smarter way.

Let's create together

Something that we at Utilifeed have valued highly from the very beginning, and which we still hold dear today, is developing our functions and systems together with our customers and pilot partners. We believe that the strongest product is built when you get to participate and influence your own future.

Within the framework of the project, these functions will be developed, tested and verified. The goal is that you, as an electricity network company, get to participate and verify that our solutions suit your electricity network and your challenges. 

Through active participation, we ensure that you are satisfied with the benefits that we create just for you. It will hopefully lead to you being able to make better and more data-driven decisions.

Functions included in the pilot project

Load forecasts

With our short-term forecasts, we increase the probability that you can stay within the subscribed power against overhead networks. If you risk exceeding limit values, you will receive warning flags to be able to react to them. Utilifeed's forecasts are also intended to be used "further down" in the network to be able to plan for switchovers, know bottlenecks in the network, etc.

Dimensioning of the network & scenario analysis

For network planning and new connections, we provide you with tools and insights to understand the behavior and influence of various actors on the network. What happens if a new residential area with solar cells is connected, and how does the dimensioning load in your network change if your customers install electric car chargers and/or heat pumps?

Hopefully we can help you make better decisions when investing in your future network.

Price modeling

In order to develop and evaluate new price models for electricity networks in an efficient, fair and more predictable way, access to good data is a basic requirement. With the help of our tool, you can more easily produce new power rates, communicate price differences for different customer segments or individual customers, and evaluate how your income is affected given different scenarios.

Data Insights

With our user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily convert your measurement data into important insights and conclusions about your network, which help you make efficient and data-driven decisions - every day. Data Insights is a flexible tool where you can freely explore the various parts of your network and unimpededly produce the data and KPIs that you need.
Example of a flagged load forecast that exceeds a limit value.

Examples of problems & challenges we solve

Get a good basis of information so you can make better decisions.
Provide better conditions for planning and maintenance
Create greater value from all the measurement data you collect
Digitize your business and thus also your electricity network
Get a data-driven system to work with and make decisions from

What happens after the pilot?

After the pilot project, the system turns into a commercial product. In addition to the functions developed during the course of the project, we will continuously develop new functions that you will benefit from even more.

We continuously draw up a roadmap where input from you, our customers, becomes decisive for continued development. By being involved in an early stage, you not only get to use the platform during the course of the project, but also get the opportunity to influence future development and solutions.

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