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Substation Diagnostics District Heating

Low return temperatures and well-functioning customersubstations are universally acknowledged for their cost-saving potential indistrict heating networks.

Our start package: "Substation Diagnostics District Heating" isdesigned to catalyze your proactive maintenance efforts, leveraging thispotential to optimize network efficiency and unlock significant savings.
79 tkr

Our experience

District heating providers understand that inefficiently operating substations can lead to significant costs in the production and distribution of heat. Despite widespread recognition of this issue, many utilities do not have knowledge of the financial impact within their specific network or the particular substations responsible for these avoidable costs.

optimal state
"In a perfect world, improvement initiatives would be implemented across all substations where they yield net financial savings."
Sara Månsson
Product Manager Metering & Maintenance, PhD in fault detection

The package offer dual deliverables

1. An Insight Report that provides a comprehensive evaluation of your grid's current state and the potential financial benefits of investing in maintenance.

2. A Data List that ranks all substations by their maintenance requirements.

Insight Report highlights:

General Status

Compare the performance of your substations with our other partners and understand the annual costs associated with suboptimal functionality.

Value Analysis of Lowered Return Temperatures

Our calculations are tailored to the distinctive attributes of your network to determine value.

Investment Estimation

We provide guidance on the appropriate level of maintenance investment needed to meet various return objectives.

Priority List

Our specialist, Sara Månsson, identifies the top 2% of substations needing immediate attention, including the expected value of proposed improvements.
Insight Report highlights:

Maintenance Budget Allocation

Detailed investment recommendations for each substation to achieve the desired return temperature.

Fault Indicators

A curated list of substations with potential issues as detected by our algorithms.

Performance Trends

A record of substations that have shown signs of decline over the analysis period.

Easy Filtering

The list is structured to make it easy to filter based on the data presented.

How to get started

Schedule a Meeting
Begin your journey by booking an introductory meeting with our team.
Overview and Offer
During the meeting, we will guide you through the service details, present examples of our work, and provide you with an immediate, tailored offer.
Data Submission
You will upload a year's worth of historical metering data to our secure servers for analysis.
Analysis and Review Meeting
Approximately 3-4 weeks after data submission, we'll hold a meeting to review all findings and insights from the data analysis.
Report Delivery
Directly following our review meeting, we will deliver the comprehensive reports to you.

Why choose Utilifeed?

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our team’s domain knowledge is spearheaded by Sara Månsson, who not only leads our fault analytics service but also brings specialized expertise with a PhD in fault identification within district heating substations.

Analytical Platform

Utilifeed's cloud-based platform stands at the forefront of district heating management, fueling our insight reports with innovative fault detection algorithms that set new standards in the industry.

Subscription Flexibility for Continuous Insights

Upon evaluating the initial report, you have the flexibility to receive continuous insights.

Tailor your experience by subscribing to our platform for autonomous data management, opting for ongoing report subscriptions with our expert support, or integrating both for a comprehensive solution.

Contact us

Contact our Sales Team if you have any questions or want to book a demo!
Öppna Profil
Account Executive
Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Baltics
Christina Fredriksson
Öppna Profil
Head of Business Development & Partnership
Amrish Kubavat