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Fault Detection

Revolutionizing the district heating sector - Discover a powerful tool designed to swiftly identify and rectify faults in your district heating systems. With close to real-time data analysis and an intuitive graphical interface, Utilifeed ensures optimal system performance, reduces heat losses, and translates into significant financial savings. Dive in to harness the next level of efficiency and reliability for your heating infrastructure.
Instant Fault Detection
Errors are identified immediately after customer data is uploaded to Utilifeed by our smart algorithms.
Comprehensive Analysis
Examine hourly meter values from every individual building that the system has flagged as faulty - energy, volume, supply temperature, and return temperature.
User-Friendly Interface
The modern user interface makes it a pleasure to dive deeper into the data for buildings that are not performing as expected.
No Additional Data Required
The analysis is based on your already existing meter data without the need for extra measurements.
Swift Identification
Uncover hidden errors that may not affect a customer's comfort but can impact system performance.

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