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Utilifeed Policies

Supplier Code of Conduct

Utilifeed are committed to integrating sustainable and ethical principles into all aspects of our business, including our supply chain. This Supplier Code of Conduct is an important part of our commitment to promoting responsibility and sustainability. By partnering with our suppliers who share our values, we strive to build a responsible and sustainable future.
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Privacy Policy

Utilifeed AB, org. nr. 559080-9280, Masthamnsgatan 5, 413 27 Göteborg, (”Utilifeed”), is the Personal Data Controller and Processor and is responsible for the processing of personal data pursuant to applicable law, including EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Johan Kensby,, is the Data Protection Officer at Utilifeed.

This privacy policy states which personal data that is processed by Utilifeed, the purpose of the processing (why we process the personal data), the legal basis of the processing, the data retention period (how long we keep the data), to whom Utilifeed transfer personal data, where the personal data is stored geographically and your legal rights.
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Ethical Policy

Our company’s long-term success is based on securing the trust and confidence of our customers and other partners. In order to maintain this trust and confidence, we must ensure our behavior is consistent with the values we represent. Our ethical guidelines outline the ethical principles which govern our company and the behavior we expect from our employees, at every level. The guidelines are intended to support the way tasks are carried out and the context in which decisions are taken.
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Sustainability Policy

Utilifeed's vision is to be a leader inoffering innovative digital solutions that help the energy industry create real societal benefits. Through our solutions, services and products, we work for the digitalisation of society and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future. The business concept aims to create more efficient energy systems and our products and services help our customers reduce their climate impact. The environmental issue is thus a large part of Utilifeed's values and identity, which is why Utilifeed continuously work to ensure that the company is associated with environmental awareness internally and externally.
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