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Utilifeed Pricing

Price modelling made easy
Utilifeed Pricing is a central component of Utilifeed's cloud-based District Heating platform. The solution can be seen as an advanced invoicing system that is able to create invoice documents for all your customers with several different price models for many years at the same time.

The system is also prepared with the most common district heating price models on the market and uses machine learning to be able to shadow bill a real customer based on on measurement values ​​that the customer's district heating center would generate if the weather from a completely different year occurred right now.

Key features

Financial outcomes for you and for each individual customer
In Utilifeed Pricing, we are completely uncompromising in giving the user a solid basis on how customers and their own business are affected by changed price models and price adjustments. When you simulate a model, it calculates exactly what each individual customer would have been billed for each price model. The income is of course also aggregated so that you can see your total income at a glance.
Evaluate leading district heating price models
The most common district heating price models are already entered into the system, so you can, for example, test an effect signature model on all your customers with one click and without manual intervention.
Compare different price logics and pricing for your entire customer base
Utilifeed Pricing's brutal efficiency shines when you have to compare different price models against each other to understand, for example, how big the weather's impact on revenue will be. In a few seconds you have the answer for all customers side by side with the most important key figures calculated.
Link different price models to different customer segments
Many district heating companies choose to have different price models for private customers and business customers. No problem, it is possible to make simulations where different groups in the total customer base have different models.
Segment out how different target groups are affected
Does your largest customer want to get a basis on how the new price model or price adjustment affects their overall finances based on their entire property portfolio? You can answer this by a simple filter in Utilifeed Pricing and this is just one of many filtering possibilities.
Analyze each individual price component separately
A price model usually consists of several components. When a pricing model is simulated, each component is calculated separately so that it is easy to follow. For example, how is each individual customer affected if a return temperature component is added to the price model.
Test the price models on up to 20 different weather scenarios
Our advanced machine learning models for district heating enable the slightly magical analytical ability to test how the revenue would be if all your customers' buildings with their current faults and deficiencies time travel to one of the last 20 years with their respective unique weather. The calculations are also always done with hourly resolution.
Work with updated data and avoid validating input data and results
Customer behaviors change over time, new weather scenarios arise and metrics are created hour after hour if not more often. In Utilifeed Pricing, calculations are always performed on your latest data that automatically flows into our platform.

If you have ever worked with large amounts of measurement data from a measurement value database to perform an analysis, you surely know that it is a very extensive job to ensure the quality of the data. Even ensuring the quality of the calculations that will then take place on the data sets is a challenge. We have taken care of all this, so that our customers can focus on analysis and business perspective.

What if...

Imagine that you had a pricing model that motivated your customers to always take the actions that create savings both for them, you and the environment.

Unique features enable unique values

Pricing is not just about ensuring the right revenue in relation to costs. A powerful and easily accessible support connected to your prices and price models is a lubricant for your entire organization. A value that is difficult to measure but is clear to the customers who use our services.

Below are the most obvious values ​​that our customers achieve by using Utilifeed Pricing.
Complete decision-making basis
It is not easy to find out how different price models affect a district heating company's financial situation under different scenarios and how individual customers are affected by price adjustments or price model changes. With Utilifeed Pricing, you quickly get all the insights you need to be able to make well-founded decisions about price adjustments or changing the price model.
Save months of work
After a quick onboarding in our platform, just honk and drive. For example, if you want to test how a bonus/mauls price model for return temperatures would affect your network, you can have the results the same day that the onboarding is completed.

In short, all the time spent on data management and logic building in the analysis work is eliminated. You can focus fully on testing different models and price levels to find the solution that suits your network best.
Security & quality
Our core business is building state-of-the-art software that helps district heating companies run their core business as efficiently as possible. This means that we have full focus on quality assurance of the services we deliver and that we also have plenty of domain knowledge which is the basis for how our solutions have been designed.

Keeping track of your pricing is operationally critical for a district heating company. Therefore, it is wise to rely on a robust system support that is backed by a competent team of experts.
Democratize the pricing work
Anyone who needs to work with district heating pricing can quickly get started with the system and start drawing conclusions. For roles that need to be able to explain how different changes in pricing affect different actors, such as customers and the board, Utilifeed Pricing is an excellent educational tool.

For example, a salesperson in a meeting with a key customer can show exactly how a price adjustment affects the customer's entire building portfolio and individual buildings.
Have you ever been unsure of which excel file applies and whether the input is really good enough? With Utilifeed Pricing, there is only one data source that is the basis for all calculations.

You also get away from the personal dependence that is often associated with pricing work. The system is always up and available. When a new colleague needs to get started, we are ready to support you.
Education and skills development are included
When you buy a system from us, training and support for users is always included. We have extensive experience in working with pricing both from the district heating industry and linked to research projects within district heating business models.

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