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October 2021 update

Major backend update with some new features

On the 4th of October we pushed our latest major update into production, so that it’s available to all our users!

We believe in being agile and pushing new stuff that brings our clients value out quickly, but sometimes you need to do some housekeeping! These past month or two, we have been working away silently in the background to prepare for new, exciting and shiny features for our users.  So when you’re reading this, you may have not noticed any major changes to our platform, but trust us they’re there.

This update includes many improvements to how our webapp interacts with our databases and different services. Hopefully, you will have already noticed a slight increase in speed and performance when using the app.

Even though most of the improvements are invisible to the average user, there are some features that users can experience, which we highlight here!

Navigate to substations from scatter plots

You can now click points in our scatter plots to immediately open up substation explore for that specific substation. Perfect if you want to investigate why a substation has had such high return temperatures lately.

Use favorite substations as a filter

In our last major release (found here) we made it possible for users to mark substations as their personal favorites in order to navigate to them quickly. Now, your favorite substations can also be used as a global filter! This means that you can quickly filter out results in for example return temperature analysis, for just one customer that you are currently focusing your efforts on.

To use your favorite substations as a filter, go to “edit filters” and add “Favorite substations” to your selected filters.

Pro tip: You can also use the filter in reverse! Mark substations that you don’t want to see as favorites and select “Non-Favorite” to show all substations except the marked ones
Updates on filters

Speaking of filters, here are some more updates to them:

  • All filters are now sorted alphabetically
  • If there’s a customer without a name added, it won’t crowd the top of the substation explore list anymore (they’re sent to the bottom of the list instead)
Updated default date in substation explore

When opening substation explore, the data shown defaults to the last available data, instead of just 2020 as was the case before!


We’ve squashed about 30 bugs in the platform in this release, here are the ones that have been bugging us (pun intended) the most:

  • Monthly temperature graphs on the distribution dashboard have not shown lately, this is now fixed!
  • When using the energy signature plot in substation explore, users couldn’t turn off selected data. Not anymore, bug squashed!
  • We’ve gone through the entire webapp and corrected quite a few annoying typos and wrongly used units, kWh instead of kW and such!
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