Introducing Substation Stars

We are excited to give you access to a brand new feature: Substation Stars

This is a tool where users can assign a special status to substations in order to get a quick and flexible way to set them aside for easy access. We hope this will make monitoring substations of any kind of special interest a smoother experience - or simply be a way of marking a couple of substations as a reminder before heading out to lunch - you decide!

How does it work?

Substation Explore now features two different tabs for substation lists:

The "All"-tab contains what you are used to - the original listing of all substations in your net (affected by filters).

The "Star"-tab contains a list of substations that have their star toggled on (also affected by filters). This list can be adjusted by toggling stars on/off on individual substations or by clearing the entire list.

When navigating to a single substation the option to add or remove a star-status will be available as shown below. This is also available in the extended view.

What's next?

We view this feature as a first building block on the way to more advanced handling of Substation Explore lists and/or tags of substations. Further down the road we envision the star-functionality to coexist with more detailed options and to basically fill the purpose of "quick-selecting" substations.

There are also obvious synergies between these types of lists and our powerful Filters. The next step in this development is to have the Star-list available as a flexible filter parameter.

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