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Release notes - July 2022

The consumption tab just got better!

In this release, we are very happy to include some significant improvements to the consumption tab in substation explore. The upgrades will make it easier for you to examine and analyze your substations' meter data.   

A quicker way to select data

We want to make it easier for you to select what time period to view meter data from and have therefore added a new section for time selection at the bottom of the view.

All three graphs are affected

The settings made there will affect all three graphs in the tab; Meter Data Graph, Signature Diagram, and Duration Diagram.

Different time selectors 

The section contains a graphic filter bar where you quickly can make a rough selection of what data to view. By clicking and dragging the ends of the selected area (marked in orange) you can view a longer or shorter time period by making the area bigger or smaller. You can also click and drag the marked area along the time axis.

If you want to make a precise setting for start and end time we suggest you use the calendar fields, where you can set the exact time and date.

You can also choose to use the quick options buttons to view the last week, month, three months, or year of the data.

Legend toggle

This feature has long been requested! In the Meter Data Graph, you can use the legends to activate and deactivate parameters. The new thing here is that the graph area now will adjust according to the number of parameters activated, making it much simpler to analyze a single parameter or a couple of parameters.

We have moved the blue control bar

In some views, we have a blue top bar with settings that affect the whole view. For example, in Return Temperature, you use the blue top bar to select what data to view and from which time period. In this release, we have moved that bar to the bottom of the page, but the functionality in all the bars remains the same as before.

Utilifeeds Wiki is finally here

For a long time, we have needed a forum where we can display information that you as a user need, and now we have it! We have created our own wiki and this spring we have worked hard on writing and illustrating all pages. The wiki contains information about everything in the Utilifeed platform. There is information about the calculations made in the back end and the features available in the front end.

Access via any view  

You can access the wiki via all sections and views in the platform by clicking the information icon, the wiki page corresponding to the view you are in will then open in a new tab. If you want to go to the wiki's main page, simply use the icon on the Home view.

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