Release: Substation Explore update Feb 2022

We are very excited to give a facelift to one of the central aspects of the Utilifeed platform, the substation explorer. The substation explorer lets you look into the details of a substation and we have now cleaned up the information you find there, as well as adding quite a few new analytics per substation! Enjoy!

This brings up an overview of the selected substation in the side menu:

By clicking on “EXTEND”, you’ll get more detailed information on the substation. You’ll even be able to get all measured data for it, hour by hour!

In the side-menu, we have removed some fields that were empty for many clients and have replaced them with more KPI values. These include more normal year values and we hope that the new design will be more intuitive!

Tip: Whenever you see a weightlifting symbol, that means that we have used our machine learning algorithm to calculate the number shown! The indicated year next to the symbol shows you which time period we have used to train the algorithm.

Once you open up the extended view, you’ll find a lot more KPI values, monthly and yearly graphs based on the selected substations data:

That’s it for now! But hey, we’re already working on our next big thing for Substation Explore. In a short while, you’ll be able to see building data such as heated floor area and building year from Boverket in there. But more on that in an upcoming post, stay tuned.

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