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Release: Pricing

We’re super excited to launch our newest addition to the Utilifeed platform, please say welcome back to the pricing tool!

Pricing lets you analyse price models through machine learning, select a training year that represents your network and see how revenues from the district heating business vary for 20 years!

Simulation results

Filter all of the resulting revenue down to a single customer or even substation and create and export revenue results for the entire network, parts of the network or for a single substation.


See detailed results of how different price models affect the substations and customers in your network, plus how customers are affected by different weather years.


Choose price logic from a vast library of price models that are being used by all Utilifeed clients and become inspired to build the district heating price model for the future.

Price Components

You’ll find the pricing tool under the SALES section in the left hand menu, go ahead and play around with your new tool! For getting started, there’s a video uploaded here:

In the coming weeks, we’ll add additional documentation and guides for using the tool to that same web page.

If you want to read the documentation of what goes on underneath the hood of pricing, you’ll find that here:

Some of you have uploaded meta data that is needed to fully utilise pricing. We have built your official price models for you to have a look at, and we will be scheduling meetings with you in the coming weeks to really get you going! For other clients, please get in touch with if you also wish to get started with your own network in pricing.

We are very happy to release pricing at this time, but please also note that we will still continually refine the tool and work out some kinks during the coming week. If there’s any bug, question or issue you want us to be aware of, contact

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