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Release Notes v7.4



Sales Dashboard
  • The sales dashboard will now show historical data from the exact time frame, for the previous year. This should make it easier to analyze data and draw conclusions.
  • Users can now see deviations in saved simulations. If there are any deviations active in an optimization, they will be shown and summarized with the rest of the results!


  • Fixed a bug where Lava calculus values would not display under settings.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips for charts would be behind the Y-Axis labels.
Optimization, Scenario Analysis
  • Components should no longer disappear when clicking the cancel button. Flashback to our one senior developer panicking about accidentally deleting a component!
Data Library
  • Fixed a bug where data for the current year would not render in the table.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Fixed a bug where expanding/collapsing the filter bar would not work.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.



Data Library
  • Added a brand new feature to the Data Library! Columns for specific data types should now have specific aggregations applied. Go and check it out!Note that currently, these aggregations are pre-determined per data type. We're investigating the best possible way to make this dynamic for users in the future.


Return Temp Analysis
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to switch to Months for analysis.
Fault Detection
  • Changing dates for analysis should now be smoother and less error prone.

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