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Release Notes v7.0



  • Updated the speed at which the blog carousel rotates. Users should now have time to read posts! We also added the title of each post to the carousel, for some increased accessibility.
  • Updated the general look and feel of the application. These changes should be minor, but noticeable. We hope this leads to a more concise and useable platform!
  • Version update of major libraries.


  • Fixed a bug where if you cancelled out from a language selection, the selected language still displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where users would be able to run a simulation without a start date.
  • Fixed a bug where the network currency would not be filled into selected fields in Optimization deviations.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Fixed a layout bug with the reference period legend. We are aware that there are still some issues, especially with languages with larger words. We're working on getting a fix out as soon as possible.
  • Fixed a bug where daily averages of temperatures displayed incorrectly if the data came from a daily meter in the first place.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.



Map View
  • Fixed a bug where the map would center on 0,0 when switching between tabs. You should no longer find yourself in the Atlantic Ocean!
  • Fixed an issue where the Y-axis went missing on quite a few graphs. Super strange, but this should now be fixed.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Fixed an annoying bug where the left side of the zoom handle would be near impossible to grab.
Scenario Analysis
  • Fixed a bug where users would be able to run scenario analysis without a valid configuration being chosen and filled.



Global Filter, Map View
  • Added the long awaited functionality to select substations from the map view! Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post on this feature!


Return Temp Analysis
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for the compare button would occasionally be wrong.
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