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Release Notes v6.7



Map View
  • Released a brand new feature where users can switch the legend on the map view, to view the return temperature of substations. Currently, the only 2 options are coordinate quality and return temperature, but we are planning on expanding this. We're currently investigating the workflow for this, so make sure to keep an eye out on the Map View page!
Optimization, Scenario Analysis
  • Users now have the ability to delete saved simulations on both Optimization and Scenario Analysis! Note: We intentionally do not allow the ability to delete simulations that were part of the operational plan. This is to keep a complete history of past operational plans.
  • Cleaned up a lot of parameters on tooltips on components. Things like currency should now also adapt to the values determined by your network.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Increased performance on the Substation and Cluster explore tabs. We changed the default date range for the consumption tab. The default range is now 12 months. We did some investigation, and this is the most efficient range to fetch, whilst still loading a lot of historical data. If you're still experiencing really low loading times, make sure to report those!


  • Fixed an issue where components would not update when making changes, like editing or creating a new component.
Return Temp Analysis
  • Limited the x-axis maximum on the Delta Temperature scatter plot. This should stop the values from being forced into the lower range of the graph.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select the Normal Year Value option.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Improved performance on the fault detection tab. This should load a lot faster, especially on networks with a lot of substations/faults.
Scenario Analysis
  • Switched out the date pickers on the simulation page, to a more intuitive range picker! Keep an eye out for this upgrade on Optimization too.
  • Users can now copy the default configuration in Scenario Analysis.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.
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