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Release Notes v6.6



Optimization, Scenario Analysis
  • Added accordions to all elements in the result section. This should make navigating the results quite a bit easier.
  • Added tooltips for parameters of components. This is currently just in English, but other language support is coming soon.
  • The export of the External Connection now appears in the heat production graph. This should give a better overview of the heat production plan, and help drive decisions accordingly.
Map View
  • Updated the library used for all map views. The map view should now be a lot cleaner, and a lot more performant!
  • The Map View now displays the coordinate quality for substations. Look out for an option to update coordinates via the platform soon!
Return Temperature Analysis
  • Added the ability to Analyze Rolling 12 Months in RT Views:Users can now select "Rolling 12 months" from the Year dropdown menu in all RT analysis views to calculate values.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Added some extra grid lines on the Graph Grid option. This should help reading data a bit.
Data Library
  • Added the ability to filter on the data grid table. This is a really powerful feature to help you take better control of your data.
Global Filter
  • Added functionality to be able to include or exclude results from a filter, on the end result of the Global Filter. This is a pretty advanced use case, so make sure to checkout the accompanying blog post here!
  • We recently started using OpenStreetMap to find some addresses. This is now correctly attributed on the platform.


Optimization, Scenario Analysis
  • Fixed an issue where the timestamps would jump around on the saved simulation list.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.
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