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Release Notes v6.1


  • Adjustable Table Columns: Users now have the ability to adjust the width of columns in all tables, enhancing their customization options for better viewing and analysis.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Enhanced Navigation: Users can seamlessly search for and switch substations/clusters without closing the Substation/Cluster Explore feature, streamlining the exploration process.
Fault Detection
  • FD List Export Update: Added a symbol indicator in the Fault Detection (FD) list export, providing visibility if an FD note has been added to a substation.
  • Substation Note Visibility: Enabled functionality to display in the Fault Detection results list whether a note has been added to a substation, improving information access.
Global Filter
  • Improved Filter Selection Design: Redesigned the filter parameters selection view, organizing parameters into collapsible categories. This update reduces scrolling for users, enhancing the overall user experience.
Data Library: Hot water usage

To make it easier for you to draw conclusions on and take decisions related to hot water usage, for example when designing hot water heat exchangers, we have added four new values to Data Library. You find the new columns under Usage Patterns.

  • Power hot water use (kW) - 1 hour average
  • Energy hot water use (kWh) - yearly consumption
  • Flow hot water use (m3/h) - 1 hour average
  • Volume hot water use (m3) - yearly consumption

These values are estimated based on energy and flow signatures and the assumption that all consumption during the non-heated season (where outdoor temperature > t_0) is related to hot water usage. Note that t_0 is different for each substation.Since the estimation is based on a linear approximation of actual signature data, the expected accuracy of hot water values is dependent on how well we can determine a linear approximation for a substation’s energy and flow signatures. This is described with a coefficient of determination, also called R2, that ranges from 0-1. The higher the value, the better we are able to represent real signature data with a linear approximation. The R2 value is found in the Energy Signature and Flow Signature columns in Data Library.When using the new hot water usage values, we recommend that you also consider the corresponding R2 value as an indication for how much you could and should trust the estimated values.


Substation/Cluster Explore
  • Temperature Data Fix: Resolved an issue where temperature data was previously missing from the data table for signature and duration diagrams, ensuring comprehensive data availability.
  • Substation Marker Click Fix: Addressed a bug where clicking on substation markers in the winner/loser scatter plot caused unexpected behavior.
Return Temp Analysis
  • Correction of Delta Temperature Values: Resolved infeasible delta temperature values that were previously observed in the platform, ensuring data accuracy.

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