Release Notes v5.0.0


  • Users now have the ability to copy the list of bad substation to their clipboard, for further investigation.
Optimization, Scenario Analysis
  • Added the ability to save simulations in both Optimization and Scenario Analysis.
  • Updated the platform with brand new icons! Note that this is an ongoing initiative, and icons will change slightly in the near future.


  • Fixed a crash on the Metering Dashboard, that would occur when viewing the data table for the No Substation Graph.
Scenario Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis will now ask for user confirmation before deleting a configuration.
Substation/Cluster Explore
  • If the coordinates are missing for a substation, the consumption tab will now default to the network coordinates. This is also accompanied by a popup to show when this occurs.
  • Changing the time resolution on the Consumption tab should no longer clear the set filter range.
  • Datapoints on the meter data graph will now be shown and connected. This allows better analysis of data points, whilst also helping sparse data to look a bit better.
  • Added Graph Grid as one of the options for the Meter Data graph.
  • Fixed an issue where missing values would be calculated towards the daily average of substation parameters.

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