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Release Notes v4.10.0


  • Hej Danmark! We are expanding into more and more countries in Europe and next up are our lovely neighbors in the southwest! The platform is now available in danish, hygge!
  • Added the ability to set a custom colour per component. This allows you to better discern between different components of the same type, and keeps it consistent.
Fault Detection
  • Added the option to add a fault detection related note for an individual substation. This can be found on the Fault Detection Tab when inspecting a substation.


  • Tooltips on the top navigation bar now instantly disappear when the button is not hovered. This fixes a case where tooltips would cover options on the sidebar.
  • Fixed some layout issues that have crept up on the Fault Detection tab on Substation Explore.
  • Fixed an issue where the Substation Explore page would fail to load, if the weather data was missing for that substation.
Global filter
  • Added the search bar of a filter to also be reset when a filter was reset to it's initial state.
  • Stopped filters from getting a bit too big, if the amount of fields was too high.
  • Fixed the error that would pop up when loading optimization page for the first time.
  • The unit for sold electricity should now match the network currency setting.
  • Fixed a scroll issue for configurations that had a lot of deviations.
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