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Release notes - May 2022

Delta temperature has been added as a global filter parameter

With our latest release, we are very happy to provide you with an upgrade of our global Filter - it is now possible to filter for Delta temperatures in the Utilifeed platform! This gives you the possibility to perform a more in-depth analysis of the delta temperatures in your district heating systems. 

In similarity to the other temperature filter parameters that are available in the Filter, there are three different options for filtering the Delta temperature values:

  • Flowweighted delta temperature
  • Powerweighted delta temperature
  • Unweighted delta temperature

These three options give you the possibility to perform a more detailed and specific analysis in the platform.

Among else, you’ll be able to use the new filter parameters to only investigate the substations that have the worst cooling performance in your system in, for example, the Return temperature analysis tools.

You will also be able to do the opposite - that is, use the filter parameters to exclude substations with low delta temperatures from the analysis if you would want to investigate how the system performs without these substations present in the data.

Change the network default values in Production savings!

Are you an avid user of the Production savings tab in the Return temp analysis tool? Have you ever thought that the default values for target return temperature and production saving potential are not relevant to your network conditions? If so, you’ll be happy to know that our latest update gives you the possibility to change these default values to something more relevant!

With our latest update, we have added a new tab called “Platform settings”, which you may find under the Profile/settings view of our platform. You can change the default values of both target return temperature and production saving potential in this tab. This action will change the default values used for calculations in all platform elements related to the production saving potentials.

But, please be aware that if you change the default values, these will be changed for all users of your network! This is why we have added an extra popup box where you have to confirm that you really want to change the value before the change is made.

Average flow and power in Return temperature analysis

Another awesome addition to the Return temperature analysis tool is that you can now analyze average flows and power in the Analysis tab. The variables are available in the histogram and scatter plots on the page and are selected in the dropdown menus above the graphs.

Even more data available in the data library

Oh, one more thing. We have added 6 new columns that you can select in the data library! They are all showing you what the highest peak energy or flow is for every single substation in your network. All of them are also available for a calendar year, a single month or for the previous 12 months! Do you know which of your substations has the highest power or flow peak or which? And is the substation with the highest measured peak also the substation with the highest average energy use? Find out now!

By the way, the global filters work with the new columns too, of course.

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