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Release notes - February 2023

The last couple of months have been a busy time here at Utilifeed, and a lot of development work has been done to improve the functionality of our platform! The updates include new tools and functionalities of our features, improvements of how the platform works “under the hood”, as well as a number of different bug fixes. However, it was some time since we posted release notes covering the changes that have been made! In this post, we summarize the most important changes that have the biggest impact on our users.

More information added to the top bar!

One of our latest releases included an update of the blue Top bar in the platform. The Top bar now includes more information about your network, as well as what data and information is being displayed in the current view. The information is located at the top right of the Top bar, and you can click all fields to get more insights or change the selections for the different categories.

Language selection in the platform

This field gives you information about what language is currently being used in the platform. By clicking the field, you can change the language selection in a dropdown menu. Currently, it is only possible to select English, but coming updates will include translations to other languages.

Number of substations

This field gives you information about two different things: how many substations are available in your network, and how many of these substations are being included in the current filter settings. The basic view, when no filter settings have been made, displays how many substations are included in your network. By clicking the field, you get an overview of the number of substations in the network, and the number of substations being filtered. You also get a shortcut to the global filter side menu.

After making settings in the global filter, the field also displays the number of substation that are being filtered. If you click the field, you can select to reset the filter settings to display all substations in the network again. Be aware - clicking this button resets all filter settings that you have made!

Network information

The last new field in the top bar gives you more information about the network that you are currently displaying. Most of our customers only have one network connected to Utilifeed, but if you would have more than one, you’d be able to change between the different networks by clicking this field. Here, you also get information about what time zone the network is located in, and what the default currency of the network is.

Consumption tab updates

During the summer and fall, we released many new features in our consumption tabs in Substation Explore and Cluster Explore. In the last couple of releases, we have added even more options and functionalities!

We have added a Toolbox

To simplify your work when you are analyzing meter data in graphs we have added a toolbox. By clicking on the tool icon at the top right of the graphs you open the toolbox and can access all available tools for each graph. We will continue to add new tools during the coming months.

Here is a description of the new and available tools:

Graph Grid

Now you can add a graph grid to all three graphs, this will make it much easier to read the values in the graph.

Support lines

We have added three support lines: one for the minimum value, one for the maximum value, and one for the average value. You can add each line individually and to any of the three graphs. Each line also displays its value, so now it will be easy to find out what the minimum, maximum, and average is for any parameter in the time period you selected.

Timestamp in the pop-ups

To make it quicker and simpler to investigate the extreme values and outliers you find in the Signature Diagram or Duration Diagram we have added a timestamp in the information pop-up. This way you can find the outliers in the Meter Data graph and investigate the circumstances surrounding the strange values.

Supply Temperature has Changed Color

Previously, both Return Temperature and Supply Temperature were displayed in graphs in a shade of blue, and this sometimes made them hard to distinguish from each other. We have now changed the color of the Supply Temperature to a shade of purple in all three graphs in the consumption tab.

New features and fixes for pricing

With more and more district heating companies using our pricing tool, we have found and fixed quite a few bugs there, as well as performing some feature upgrades upon user requests:

Copy and paste table data

If you’re working with energy prices in pricing, you’ll have a better time now since you can easily copy and paste table data from e.g. excel straight into the Utilifeed platform.

Added return temperature logic

If you’re contemplating adding a return temperature logic to your district heating price model, we’re pleased to announce that you can try out even more logics in Utilifeeds pricing. You’re now allowed to give more rebates to well performing substations by working with negative prices.

Result view bugs

We have made efforts to improve the pricing user experience by making sure that results are displayed properly, especially if your price model includes many different components. Previously, we’ve experienced graphical issues when too many components are to be shown at once.

Bug fixes

A number of different smaller and bigger bugs have been corrected during the last months. Some of the more annoying bugs that we have squashed include:

  • You can now download filter settings again! An important part of using the filter is being able to redo the analysis you have made at a later point in time. This is possible if you download your current filter settings and then upload them again when you enter Utilifeed again. This functionality has been down for some time but is now available again. Make sure to try it out the next time you have made a useful analysis!
  • Values in tables are now sorted correctly. Tables are available in a number of different views in the platform, and we have previously had issues with sorting the values in the correct order in these tables. This has now been fixed!
  • Problems related to the date selection in the Forecast view have been solved. There have been some issues in the Forecast views related to the date selections made on the page. This included not being able to show the custom simulation for the entire month you selected, and getting results for the wrong month. Bug exterminated!
  • Metering dashboard was not loading at all. Several users reported that they could not see any content in the Metering dashboard. This has now been fixed and should work as normal.

The minor bug fixes include, among else, improving the information being displayed in graphs and KPI boxes, adding missing design elements such as icons, and aligning font sizes all over the platform.

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