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Release: Design Load Analysis

A couple of weeks ago we released a new version of our design load view. The tab that was released then is called Design Load Trend, and covers a filterable view with hourly and daily design load values. Next to that tab, we now have something called Design Load Analysis, where you will be able to analyze the behavior of flow and power limiters. Design Load analysis will be released in two steps, and this is the first one.

In this release, you will be able to analyze how your existing power and flow limiters are working. The scatter plot on the page gives you the possibility to investigate the limiter setting of each substation in relation to the substation’s design load or system design load, to see if the limiters have a reasonable setting. It is also possible to see the highest measured peak during the previous year in relation to the limiter setting, which will show which limiters that are not working as intended.

There is also a table at the bottom of the page, with the same data that is shown in the scatter plot. You can see the limiter setting of each substation, together with design load, system design load and highest measured peak. All substations that pass the filter are visible in the table, and the table can be sorted on any column. The data in the table can also be downloaded, if you wish to continue working with it outside of the platform.

Design load analysis is a filterable view. This is useful if you want to look at the limiters in a specific subset of your network. Just use the filter to select which substations you want to look at, and the page will update instantly.

Do you not have any limiters in your system? No problem, the second release of design load analysis (which will come in a couple of weeks) will still provide value to you! In that section, you will be able to analyze how theoretical limiters will affect your design load. If you already have limiters installed, you will see both how they affect the total design load of your system, but also what would happen if you change their settings or install new ones on the substations that don't have a limiter today.

We hope this view will help you when working with your limiter settings, and make it easier for you to make the decisions to install them.

Are you still not sure of Utilifeed’s definition of design load? Or the difference between design load and system design load?

Check out the release notes from design load trend

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