Feature Release: Production Optimization

We have now released the first commercial version of our production Optimization feature! It will be evaluated during a pilot testing phase, and we will continue the development for a long time. You will find the Optimization under the Production segment.

Utilifeed's Optimization helps you to optimize the heat and electricity production for the upcoming days, to minimize the operational costs during the period. This is achieved by taking into account the spot prices of electricity, the district heating demand, the available flexibility in the system, and the current status and operational cost of the production system. Optimization consists of three different tabs: Operational Plan, Simulation, and Configuration Builder.

The Operational Plan is an easily accessible page with all results ready, on how to operate your production system. This plan is good to always have visible in the control room.

At the Simulation tab, you create your Operational Plan by making specific settings each day. This is usually done by a production planner, but can also easily be done by someone in the control room.

Configuration builder is where you manage the default settings of all your production units. The default settings describe the physical and operational limitations of your system, and should not be changed unless something changes with your production units. If you, on the other hand, need to make deviations from the default settings on a specific time period, you create a new configuration, which is also done in the Configuration builder. A deviation can for example be that a boiler is on yearly service, or that some tests need to be performed on a unit.

If you want to know more about our Optimization feature or would like to book a demo, contact us here!

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