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Unveiling Enhanced Mapping Features

Hey there, savvy data explorers! If you've been keeping tabs on our recent release notes (which you should, we’ve bumped their quality quite a bit), you might have caught wind of a game-changing update to our map view: the Select to Filter feature!

Introducing Select to Filter

This little gem has been a hot-ticket item for quite some time now, and we're beyond excited to finally roll it out. Thanks to some nifty upgrades behind the scenes, we've had the chance to make this highly requested functionality a reality.

Need to focus on a particular area of interest? No problemo! Our new shape drawing feature lets you effortlessly carve out circles, squares, or polygons to highlight specific zones on the map. Users can now seamlessly select areas on the map to select specific substations. Any substations with coordinates within these shapes will be selected. And the best part? Any substations within your selected shape will automatically be whisked off to the global filter, streamlining your analysis process like never before. You can use these substations in any part of the platform that supports the global filter. So doing Return Temperate Analysis, or Design Load Analysis, on an area has never been easier!

Polished and Perfected

But wait, there's more! We've been busy fine-tuning the map view from top to bottom, ensuring it's as slick and user-friendly as possible. From turbo-charged performance for loading heaps of substations to some shiny new features, we've been pulling out all the stops to ensure your Utilifeed experience is nothing short of exceptional. Networks with a massive amount of substations should now both load much faster, and also perform a lot quicker.

Color-Mapped Pins

Get ready to take control of your data visualization game! With our snazzy new color-mapped pins, you can customize them based on specific substation variables. This feature gives users a way to get information at a glance. Whether you're eyeballing coordinate quality or tracking return temperature (from cool green to fiery red), you'll have all the tools you need to spot trends and patterns in a snap. We’re still exploring what other data fields to add here, so if you have any ideas, let us know at

Street View Integration

We're stoked to introduce street view functionality into the mix! Now, you can seamlessly glide between the map view and street view, with marked pins serving as your trusty guide. We’ve already have reports of individuals using this feature when doing dimensioning!

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into these features and serve some handy tips on how to make the most of them. We’re also investigating quite a few new features to add to the map view! There's plenty more excitement on the horizon, so stay tuned for the latest updates from the Utilifeed team!

Ruan Heyns - Typer of code

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