May 2021 update

Major bug fix

In the distribution dashboard a bug has been fixed related to the normalized monthly values. Now the normalized value for a month correctly shows what is a normal return temperature for that calendar month, for example the May bar shows the average return temperature based on simulations of 20 May months with different weather. The simulation models are trained in EnergyPredict using the most recent metering data.

Previously all normalized bars in the graph showed normal year values but with training periods ending on specific months which was not the intention. Several other bugs have also been fixed in this release, but this is the only bug that has affected the analysis results.

That return temperatures are normally higher in the summer months is now captured by the normalization algorithm.

Rolling 12 months

Many KPIs in the web app now update every month and represent the last 12 months. If you check out, for example, the Distribution dashboard you can now find this symbol in the trends and consumptions section:

This means that the values are for the time period 2020-06-01 — 2021-05-31. Trends are calculated by comparing with the previous 12 month period, now 2019-06-01 — 2020-05-31. When we enter June 🌞, all KPIs will be updated to represent the time period 2020-07-01 — 2021-06-30 and so forth. Rolling 12 month KPIs have also been added to several trend graphs so you can see the most recent data beside the trends reaching over several calendar years.

Rolling 12 month KPIs have been added to several trend graphs.

Metering Dashboard

Time has come for the metering department to get their very own dashboard! Read more

Introducing Substation Stars

Platform users now have access to a new tool for selecting substations of special interest. Read more

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