Welcome to our new web application!

Welcome to our new web application for Utility companies. On this page you will get continuous updates when we release new versions of the web application as well as more editorial contents about how to best utilize most value from the features the application offers. When we start to produce new instruction videos this is also where you will find them.

This web application will substitute our previous prototype application that was developed during the early phases of our pilot project. When developing this new application we've had focus on building an architecture and structure that gives us the right conditions to be able to add a lot of new functionality over time. This application is also based on a more updated technology framework that opens some new opportunities such as for example making it possible to use the application more like a local application in your computer.

When it comes to the contents of the application it will initially have much in common with our previous web application. We are right now working on implementing the last parts from that application to reach feature parity so we can retire the older one. The last parts that are missing are the price simulation and trend analysis. The price simulation application will get a big face lift and a lot of new features. Release is planned for the autumn 2020.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback on the brand new application and all of the new features we got in the pipeline. Any questions, feedback or bug reports can be sent to support@utilifeed.com Enjoy!